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Hebrew National School at Birmingham.


Wednesday, the 9th of August [1843], was a proud day for the Jews of Birmingham [England], as it witnessed the laying of the first stone of a Hebrew national school for the benefit of the Israelitish children of that town. The occasion drew together a large concourse of Jewish and Christian gentlemen, and the dinner which was given after the conclusion of the ceremonies of the day was presided over by the Mayor of Birmingham, James James, Esq. It gives us pleasure to record such an act of liberality, whilst we are compelled, as above, to condemn an opposite proceeding on the part of some of our own townsmen.

Sir Moses Montefiore laid the first stone, and the religious exercises were conducted by the Rev. J. Barnett, Rev. D. A. De Sola, Rev. J. L. Lindenthal, of London, Rev. David M. Isaacs, of Liverpool, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Raphael and the Rev. Lewis Chapman, of Birmingham. Our space will not permit us to go into greater details this month; but we purpose to do so in our next number, if possible; in the meantime assuring our readers that the interest will not flag by the delay.

(To be continued.)