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Beth Limud Society of Kingston.


On the 27th of March, we learn, from a Jamaica paper, that an election for nine Directors to serve the 'Beth Limud Society' took place at the School Room, when the following gentlemen were duly elected for the current year:

"Jacob Q. Henriques, Phineas Bravo, M. Sarfaty, Jacob Nunes Vaz, Aaron De Cordova, M. Q. Henriques, D. Martin, Benjamin Naar, and Dr. Amos Henriques, Esquires.

"There was much animation evinced by the electors of this institution, each trying every means to place his friend at the head of the poll and as is always the result on such occasions, the Society benefited considerably in its funds. We have learned from good authority that since the circulation of the report of its finances, and the examination of the pupils, there has been an accession of forty subscribers to this good work, which will no doubt be the means of carrying into execution the object of the Directors—that of extending the field of instruction to a few more of their helpless brethren. Go on and prosper, ye friends of so noble a cause."

The Board at their first meeting elected J. Q. Henriques, President, and Phineas Bravo, Treasurer. Mr. Vaz resigned his place as Director, and another was to be chosen in his place.