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Obituary, Mrs. Rinah J. Moses.

April 25, 1845.

From the Charleston Courier.

Who is the virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies? She is the faithful wife and mother—the fond and devoted daughter—the affectionate friend and sister. She stretcheth forth her hand to the poor, and provideth food and raiment for the needy. Words of wisdom and humility proceed from her mouth, and on her lips is the law of kindness evermore.

To the foregoing sketch of female excellence, we fail not to trace a strong similitude in the moral features of the late Mrs. Rinah J. Moses, consort of Jacob J. Moses, Esq., of Columbus, Ga., and eldest daughter of A. Ottolengui, Esq., at whose residence in this city, she died, on the 25th of April, in the 32d year of her age. Characters like hers, composed of the gentlest elements—pure, pious, meek, benevolent, and tender, assist our conceptions of the angelic nature. Earth is to those but a place of exile; heaven their proper home. The emigrant soul having accomplished its mortal mission, returns to its birth-place. Desolate indeed are the tents of kindred, when the righteous depart. But, let not the bereaved look down to the tomb that contains the perishable flesh—but to the sky that enshrines the incorruptible spirit. Thus will the grief of her husband and relations become tranquillized. Then will even the anguish of her parents be subdued by the reflection, that though the destroyer passed not over their dwelling without smiting their first-born, not in wrath but in love, did the angel of the Lord lay his hand upon their child.

“Weep not for her—in her spring-time she flew
To the land where the wings of the, soul are unfurled,
And now, as a star, beyond evening’s cold dew,
Looks radiantly down on the tears of the world.”

P. M. [Penina Moïse?]