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Jewish Wedding Gifts Emporium

Notice: the price of gold, silver and gemstones fluctuates! We CAN NOT guarantee the price of any gold, silver or gemstone item listed on this site. Prices may not be the same as listed here. Please check at the link for the current price.

Jewish Holiday Wedding Gifts

Hanukkah Wedding Gifts

Wedding Glass Menorah


Bride & Groom Menorah


Wedding Glass Heart Menorah


Beloved Wedding Menorah


Wedding Glass Menorah


Whimsical Wedding Menorah


Tree of Life Wedding Menorah


Double Ring Menorah


Blue Family Tree Menorah


L'Chaim Wedding Menorah


Woven Copper Menorah


Love Birds Menorah


Chuppah Glass Menorah


Stained Glass Tree of Life


Seeka Festive Home


Wedding Glass Menorah


Tree of Life Menorah


Wedding Glass Dreidel


Wedding Glass Dreidel


Wedding Dreidel


Wedding Dreidel


Wedding Glass Dreidel


Wedding Dreidel


Hand Painted Wedding Dreidel


High Holidays Wedding Gifts

Holiday Prayer Book Set


High Holiday Prayer Book Set


Leather High Holiday Set


Quest Apple Honey Dish


Quest Flower Honey Dish


Quest Flower Honey Plate


Rosenthal Glass Apple Plate


Jerusalem Enamel Honey Jar


Quest 7 Species Honey Set


Sterling Silver & Crystal


Fiori Silver & Crystal


Variante Honey Dish


Bride & Groom Pushka


Stained Glass Condo
Charity Box


Rosenthal Bridal Tzedakah Box


Rosenthal Bridal Charity Box


Heart Tzedekah Box


Temple Charity Box


770 Charity Pushka


Holy Temple Replica


12 Tribes Charity Box


Tree of Life Charity Box


Silver Charity Box


Sterling Silver
Hazorfim Charity Box


Sukkot Wedding Gifts

Olive Wood Etrog Box


Wooden Etrog Box


Wooden Etrog Box


Hadad Etrog Box


Silver Etrog Box


Balagio Etrog Box


Passover Wedding Gifts

Classic Gold & White Seder Tray


Silver Leaves Seder Tray


Wedding Figures Seder Plate


Hazorfim Elijah Cup


"Italian" Silver Seder Plate


Gold Line Wash Cup


7 Species Seder Plate


Wedding Glass Seder Tray


Wedding Figures
Matzah Tray


Pillars Velvet Matzah Cover


Persian Matzah Cover
& Afikoman Bag


Silver Matzah Cover & Afikoman Set


Moriah Haggadah


Haggadah Living Exodus


Illuminated Song of Songs


Keepsake Family Haggadah

$31.48/set of 8

Gutnick Chabad Haggadah


White Leather Haggadah

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