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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Title Page
Biography of Warder Cresson
The Literal First, and then the Scriptural
The Key of David
Introduction to David, the Messiah
David proved to be the only true Messiah, or "Anointed of the G-d of Jacob"
Preface to the True Mother, or Church
The True Mother, or Church, and the Living Child, or True Messiah
Reasons for becoming a Jew, No. 1
No. 2, On the Divine Law
No. 3, Showing the Sure and Infallible Ground
No. 4, The Sceptre of Judah
No. 5, the New Covenant
No. 6, Three Startling Facts
No. 7, Plain and Positive Contradictions
Reasons why no Honest Jew can become a Christian
The Two Blessings of Jacob, i.e. the Jews, and Esau, i.e. the Christians.
The Three Crowns
Conspiracy formed against the Life of the Great King
Mordecai's Exaltation
Samson and the Foxes
The Church of the U n c i r c u m c i s e d--Sport, Sport, Real Sport for the Priests
First Pillar. -- The Genealogy of Jesus
Second Pillar. -- Nativity of Jesus
Third Pillar. -- Resurrection of Jesus
Origin of Edom, Babylon, and Rome, or Christianity
New Title, i.e. New Testament Gone. A Dialogue--Spiritual vs. Literal.
Lunacy Case, or the Great Lawsuit for becoming a Jew
Opinions of the Press
The Book of Ruth, or the True Guide of the Soul, from Weakness to Strength, Poverty to Riches, and from Disquietude to Rest.
Thoughts upon Idolatry
Thoughts on the Restoration and Redemption of Israel, as to the Time when
Parable of the Hen and her Nest full of Eggs
A Review of the Jerusalem Mission for 1846
The Tub, or House of Truth turned Upside Down
The "Masora;", or Great Jewish Counterfeit Detector
Christian Ministers' Testimony of the Truth of the "Masora"
APPENDIX A. The Christian Religion, &c.
APPENDIX B. The Fifth Monarchy of the "Stone"
APPENDIX C. The Branch
APPENDIX D. The Society Formed in England, &c.
APPENDIX E. Vanity of Vanities
APPENDIX G. On the Two Messiahs yet to Come
APPENDIX H. On the Four National Ensigns, or Flags
APPENDIX I. My Confession of Faith
APPENDIX J. Mogan David; or the Shield of David
Expenses of Time and Money in going from Philadelphia to Jerusalem