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Message to U.S. Servicemen During World War II
Lt. Harold Goldberg, Bataan Survivor
Tibor Rubin, American Hero
The Occident and American Jewish Advocate
Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine
The "Zemach Tzedek" and the Haskalah Movement
The Jews and the Mosaic Law
Catechism for Jewish Children
Warder Cresson - The Key of David
Rabbi Issachar Ber Illowy - The Wars of the Lord
Solomon Nunes Carvalho - Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West
Israel J. Benjamin "The Traveler" - Jews of San Francisco
Jewish Wedding Customs
Dias' Letters: A Jewish Look At The New Testament
    Letter 1 - Sources and Authorities
  Letter 2 - What Makes Scripture Authentic?
  Letter 3 - The Authority of the Gospels
  Letter 4 - The Authority of Acts and Revelations
  Letter 5 - Who Established the Christian Canonical Writings?
  Letter 6 - Old Testament Prophecies of the Messiah
  Letter 7 - Isaiah, Chapter 60, in Jewish Tradition
  Letter 8 - Literal vs. Figurative Interpretation
  Letter 9 - The Stumbling-block of Literalism
  Letter 10 - The Old Testament Prophecies Force-fit To Jesus of Nazareth
  Letter 11 - Did God Revoke the Covenant With Israel?
  Letter 12 - Explanation of Isaiah, Chapter 7, in Jewish Tradition
  Letter 13 - Prophecies Said to Refer to Herod
  Letter 14 - Prophecies Cited in Matthew
  Letter 15 - Prophecies Cited in Matthew, cont.
  Letter 16 - Moses and Jesus
  Letter 17 - Epistles of Paul
  Letter 18 - Doctrine of Trinity Unknown in Judaism
  Letter 19 - The phrase "Son of God" as understood in Judaism
  Letter 20 - Comprehending the Concept of Trinity
  Letter 21 - Jacob's Blessing to Judah
  Letter 22 - Judah's Blessing, in Jewish tradition
  Letter 23 - The Genealogy of Jesus
  Letter 24 - The Vision of Daniel
  Letter 25 - The 70 Weeks of Daniel's Vision
  Letter 26 - Original Sin
  Letter 27 - The Sacrifice of Jesus
  Letter 28 - Isaiah 53
  Remarks on Dias' Letters
Rebekah Hyneman
Celia Moss
  The Two Pictures
  The Martyrs of Worms
  The Jewish Martyrs
  Lines To A Young Friend On His Confirmation
Marion Moss-Hartog
  The Blessed
  Sabbath Eve
  Jewish Lyrics
  Song of Peace
  Song of the Expatriated
  The Catholic Chapel of Portsmouth
  Welcome Home
Rosa Emma Salamon
  The Body Speaking to the Soul
  God Our Light
  There Are Many Joys
  A Wish
  The Passover
  Angels' Heads
  A Description of my Dreams
  Reflections on Butler's "Analogy of Religion"
  Divine Love