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Jews in the Wild West


Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West

In preparing this volume for publication, I have not followed any established system of arrangement.

The incidents are most of them transcripts from original letters, written in the familiar style of friendly correspondence.

The description of a journey from Great Salt Lake City to San Bernandino, is an exact copy from my journal, written after many days of wearisome travel.

The Mormon Episodes, I have tendered almost verbatim from personal relations by the parties themselves, said not from "hearsay."

While the Latter-day Saints publicly adopt every opportunity to openly avow and zealously propagate the System of Polygamy--in direct opposition to the established and acknowledged code of morality, as practised by all civilized nations--I but exercise my prerogative in exposing some of its abuses, which I consider destructive to morality, female delicacy, and the sanctity of marriage.

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