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New York Hebrew Benevolent Society.


At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, held on Tuesday evening, July the 11th, 5608, the Treasurer, Mr. John Levy, having reported that he had that day received from the Ninth Annual Ball Committee, the sum of $498.80, as the net proceeds of the ball held on the 9th of March, the following preamble and resolutions were, upon motion of Mr. Robert Lyon, unanimously adopted:

Whereas, At the usual period for holding festive assemblies during the past season, fears were entertained for the success of an attempt to get up the Annual Ball for this charity, and but for the fact of the low state of the finances of this institution, owing to the unparallelled and incessant calls from the poor for relief, the matter would not have been persevered in for the year 5608, when the few gentlemen, whose names are set forth in the annexed resolution, tendered their valuable services as ball managers, which were unanimously accepted. And whereas, the sum of $498.80 having been paid to our Treasurer as the result of that ball, it is fitting that this Board publicly testify their sense of the zeal and ability manifested by these gentlemen: Therefore it is unanimously Resolved, That the thanks of the Directors of this Society are eminently due unto Harris Aaronson Esq., Chairman; Samuel Moss, Esq., Treasurer; Chas. S. Lyon, Esq., Secretary; Sylvester Brush, Esq., Herman Goodman, Esq., Committee of the Board of Managers of the Ninth Annual Ball of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of N. York.

Resolved, That the Secretary transmit a copy of the above preamble and resolution unto each of the above named gentlemen, and that a copy of the same, signed by the Secretary, be sent to the Occident for publication.

Extract of the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors of the H. B. Society, held on Tuesday, July 11th, 5608.

Henry Goldsmith, Secretary.