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Philadelphia.—At the annual meeting of the Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society, the members of the Board of last year were all re-elected for the current year.—At the annual meeting of the Sewing Society, the following ladies were chosen: Miss Bluma Hart, First Directress; Miss Sarah Abrahams, Second Directress; Miss Clara Phillips, Secretary; Miss Julia N. Carvalho, Treasurer; and Misses Rachel Peron, Sophia De Young, Sophia Polock, Esther Stork, and Miriam W. Arnold, Managers.

New York.—The various charitable societies of that city have lately held, or are about holding, annual meetings, balls, or dinners, for the increase of their funds. We expect hereafter to receive detailed reports of their proceedings. The German Benevolent Society celebrated their anniversary by a public dinner on Thursday, the 9th of November, which resulted in a collection of about 2500 dollars. Rev. Dr. Lilienthal and Rev. Mr. Isaacs spoke on the occasion.—Whilst on a brief visit to this city, we were gratified to learn that the public schools of the Rev. Dr. Lilienthal and Rev. Mr. Felsenheld continue in successful operation. The former had erected for him a school-house in Delancy Street, not far from East River, which is divided in four large classrooms, each capable of holding about eighty scholars; and if we understood right, there are nearly two hundred and fifty children of both sexes attending the various classes. The children are as yet but of tender age; but without doubt, if they continue under the charge of their very able director, they will show speedily, as they have already commenced doing, the beneficial effects of an intelligent and religious education. We had no time to hear the children go through their exercises, or else we would with pleasure give the result of a personal observation. We are truly gratified to be able to give public testimony to the proper <<468>>manner of being the pastors of the people, as exhibited by the Rabbis Wise and Lilienthal in becoming themselves instructors of the young people, thereby laying the best foundation of an enlightened and religious community hereafter.—The private schools of Miss Palaché and Mr. Block, also deserve to be noticed for the opportunities they furnish to both females and males of receiving a finished education in connexion with religious; and we wish them both much greater encouragement than they have as yet received; and we trust that the Israelites of New York, now that they have such excellent opportunities, will encourage their own coreligionists in preference to gentile schools, since they have no excuse now on the score of a want of good and capable teachers of a high order, to educate their children both scientifically and religiously.

Albany.—We are requested to return the Minister’s thanks to Messrs. L. Beckel, J. Beckel, Blumenthal, Stein, Glauber, Brown, Sporberg, and Block, for their kind assistance in forming the choir at the Synagogue, for the improvement of public worship.

New Orleans.—At the annual election of the Congregation Shaaray Chessed, held on the 19th of October, the following persons were duly elected to serve for the current year: Isaac Hart, President; Abraham Haber, Vice President; S. Rich, Treasurer; Abraham De Young, Secretary; and Joseph Turner, L. Hess, and N. Worms, Trustees.

Montreal.—At the annual meeting of the Congregation, the following gentlemen were elected to serve during the present year: M. S. David, President; Goodman Benjamin, Treasurer; Wm. Benjamin, Secretary; and Myer Solomon, G. J. Ascher, and Dr. David, Trustees. At the first meeting of the Trustees, Dr. David was elected Parnass.

Synagogue at Jerusalem.—We learn that M. M. Noah, Esq., was to deliver a lecture on the 23d of November at the Synagogue Shearith Israel of New York, on the subject of the mission of Rabbi Jechiel Cohen, who visited this country to raise funds for the repair and enlargement of the Synagogue Beth El at Jerusalem, as we mentioned in our last. A collection was to be taken up after the lecture; but as we are going to press we have not heard the result; we hope, however, that it has corresponded with the kind intentions of the projector of the meeting.

Relief for the Jews in Persia.—The Rev. A. De Sola lately delivered a lecture in Montreal, which resulted in raising, we believe, about two hundred dollars for the relief of the Jews in Persia. We expect to give the substance of the lecture in our next.