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Tenth Annual Report of the Hebrew Sewing Society of Philadelphia


To minister to the comforts of the afflicted, to fashion the garments of the indigent, and to relieve the necessities of the poor, is the peculiar and befitting province of woman; it is part of her education inculcated in her heart from infancy, and there it dwells for ever. And shall I say less of man than woman, to whose benevolent and generous bounty is this society in a great measure indebted for its existence, for the proud and elevated position it has held among the charitable institutions of Israel, for the last ten years? I look around and name fathers, husbands, brothers, and through them have the daughters of Judah been enabled to perform not only the dictates of their hearts, but their solemn duty to society. And we cannot fail to be gratified that through their generous contributions the naked have been clothed, the hungry fed, the sick restored to health, and the hearts of the poor gladdened by the hand of charity so freely and kindly extended to them.

I have now to report that 595 garments have been distributed among 58 children, and 20 adults, since the last annual meeting. And we gratefully acknowledge having received donations from Mrs. John Moss, Mrs. Rebecca Hart, Mrs. W. Florence, Mrs. Jacob Florence, Mrs. Grace Marks, Mrs. A. Newhouse, Mrs. J. Eckstein, Mrs. A. Bacon, Miss Gratz, Mr. D. II. Solis, Mr. Abraham Hart, Mr. Joseph Andrade, Mr. J. Binswanger, Mr. Isaac J. Phillips, Mr. Berg, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Elfelt, Mr. Gans, and Mr. Hendricks, of New York. To the Hebrew Ball Committee are we thankful for the amount of $121.77, and also for $40.16 from the School Fund Ball Committee. It may not be out of place here to advert to the organization of the latter, for the purpose of giving English and Hebrew education to the children of parents who cannot afford to pay for their tuition. I have had the opportunity while fulfilling some of the duties of this Society, to mingle among the poorer classes of our congregation, and I feel how great is the necessity for such an institution. I hail its advent with joy, and in behalf of this Society, extend to them the hand of fellowship and love, and pledge ourselves to supply their pupils with physical requirements, while they prepare their young hearts for the important duties they owe to their Creator, and to their fellow-beings. May our Merciful Parent send there success in this good and noble work, and may He direct and prosper this society in its onward course.

Julia N. Carvalho,
Secretary pro tem.

Treasurer's Account, for the year commencing October 7 th, 1847, and ending October 29, 1848.

To balance on hand, $17.86
Cash from subscriptions and donations, and benevolent contributions, 114.50
Amoung in Pennsylvania Bank, 350.00
Cash from Ball Committee, 161.93
Interest on deposits from Saving Fund, 13.20
Interest on deposits from Pennsylvania Bank, 12.25
By amount of orders paid the different committees, $275.49
Amount in Pennsylvania Bank, 350.00
Cash on hand, 44.25

Julia N. Carvalho,