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News Items.


Philadelphia.—The seventh Anniversary Charity Ball took place, in accordance with the arrangements on the evening of the 17th of January. It was under the direction of Messrs. Samuel Hart, Marcus Cauffman, Joseph Newhouse, L. J. Lebernan, Jacob Langsdorff, Isidore Binswanger, Edwin S. Elfelt, Lewis M. Allen, Alfred T. Jones, E. Hart, S. W. Arnold, and H. S. Allen. As usual hitherto, everything was done, by the above gentlemen, so to arrange the festivities, that universal approbation was obtained; and the surplus for various charity funds we believe is about five hundred dollars. We could have wished for a larger amount; but the difficulties the managers had to encounter fully justified them in incurring heavier expenses than usual. The Christian gentlemen and ladies, who, as always hitherto, were present in larger numbers than Israelites, accorded to our friends the highest praise for their efficiency; and sure we are, that no praise could be bestowed which was not richly deserved. We trust that the same means may be resorted to again in another season to aid our charities, and that the gentlemen now so active may not be weary of doing good hereafter. At the annual election of the Society for the Visitation of the Sick and Mutual Assistance, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the following year:—H. M. Phillips, President; Leon Hyneman, Secretary; M. Cauffman, Treasurer; and D. Pesoa, H. Polock, M. Van Collem, and Sol. Isaacs, Kabronim.

Louisville.—The congregation in the chief town of Kentucky are desirous of engaging the services of a competent minister. Application should be made to Mr. A. Schvabe, the President of the congregation.

St. Louis.—The Israelites of this place have leased, for a period of seven years, a building formerly used as a Baptist meeting-house, as a Synagogue, and have fitted it up for public worship. They are, however, as yet without the services of a regular minister; but we hope that they will be enabled before long to supply this deficiency.