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Twenty-Seventh Anniversary of the Hebrew Benevolent Society


New York, December 15th, 5609

It is again our pleasure to give you a report of the Twenty-Seventh Anniversary of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, which was celebrated on the 30th ultimo., at the Coliseum, by a public dinner prepared by Mr. Coblentzer, under the superintendence of the dinner committee, Messrs. George S. Mawson, Louis Lyons, Jacob Mack, and M. A. King. The report was certainly unexceptionable in every particular, and too much praise cannot be awarded to the above-named gentlemen for their zeal and exertions used on the occasion, it being no easy matter to consult the taste and comfort of the visitors, and at the same time not to lose sight of the interest of the Society. The chair was filled by the venerable President, M. M. Noah, Esq., in his usual able and pleasing manner, assisted by Harris Aronson, Esq., Vice-President of the Society. After the company had sufficiently partaken of the dainties of the table, the Rev. A. Leo said grace. The President then proposed several toasts, after which he made a statement of what this Society had done for the last twelve months. The receipts were about $3000, out of which sum, nearly $2500 was expended, and <<523>>$500 invested in the permanent fund. He again appealed to the members and patrons of the Society to act with their usual liberality, remarking that now more than ever this institution had claims upon their benevolence, owing to the unparalleled influx of strangers into this country, in consequence of the political troubles in Europe.

The President then introduced the Rev. Dr. Lilienthal, who volunteered to respond to the toast of “Charity.” The reverend gentleman made a most eloquent and heart-stirring appeal in the German language, which called forth the spontaneous applause of the whole company. Several excellent speeches were made by Hon. E. F. Purdy, Surveyor of the port of New York, and Moses G. Leonard, Esq., Almshouse Commissioner, in which some very handsome encomiums were passed on the morality and integrity of our people.

Hy. Morange, Esq., responded to the toast of “Education.” This gentleman, although quite young, promises to become a bright ornament in society. His language is pure, chaste, and unaffected, and his delivery excellent. The donations amounted to about $1700. It was gratifying to see our Christian friends amongst the most liberal donors. It shows clearly in what estimation our people and institutions are held by them. Among the contributions we noticed the amount of $100 from the Directors of the German Hebrew Benevolent Society, and $50 from the Directors of the Bachelors’ Loan Association.  This proves at all events that notwithstanding the emulation that exists amongst the directors of the different benevolent societies, they cheerfully co-operate with each other mutually to assist their respective bodies. Hoping that it may be our lot to give you a many more good tidings from Israel,

We are, reverend sir,
Your most obedient servants,

אילה שלוחה