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Hebrew Sunday School.

Columbia, April 30th, 1848.

The fifth anniversary of this institution took place on Sunday 26th March, in the hall of the Hebrew Benevolent Society. We were among the fortunate ones in being able to procure a seat, for at an early hour the hall was crowded to excess.

The exercises having commenced, we noticed many a face beaming with joy and delight—fathers, mothers, friends, and even the stranger, were all gratified and delighted at the result.

The exhibition proves beyond a doubt, that the institution is in a most flourishing state, and causes us to believe that it is now placed upon a foundation which can never be shaken.

Time will not permit us to enter into detail, but we would be doing injustice, did we not, before closing this brief notice, allude to the happy and beautiful manner in which the recitations were delivered; the pieces selected were chiefly Scriptural, and well suited to the minds of <<153>>the youthful orators, all of whom seemed to feel what they uttered, indeed there was but one voice, that voice unanimous in the praise of “Young Israel.”

The address by Mr. J. Levin, was delivered in a very happy style, and is replete with many lessons of sound morality. We intended sending you a copy for publication, and regret exceedingly that it is not in our power to do so at this time.

Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon Miss J. Mordecai, for her devoted seal and worthy efforts displayed in behalf of this institution, under whose superintendence it is at present, assisted by Mrs. Louisa E. Lyons, and Mrs. Charlotte A. Levin.