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The Best Society Yet


There is a new Society now forming, for assisting poor Israelites on their way to Jerusalem, “with bread and water;” this infant society has originated and is supported by a number of the members of the Society of Friends of England (i.e. Quakers): they have a worthy <<600>>and valuable agent, Mr. Manning, formerly belonging to the English* Mission for promoting Christianity among the Jews, but who is now located about half an hour’s walk from Jaffa, a sea-port town belonging to the Holy Land. He has hired a good house, with several spare rooms for the express purpose of accommodating poor Jews with a night’s lodging, supper and breakfast; so, that they can have their food prepared in a Casher manner, as their law directs. The house is very pleasantly situated, in one of the most beautiful gardens in the neighbourhood of Jaffa, filled with grape-vines, orange, lemon trees, (full as ever they can hang,) and the magnificent pomegranate with its crimson fruit.

* The cause of Mr. Manning leaving the English Mission, was the insolent and overbearing conduct of Dr. Macgowan towards him, as was also the cause of Dr. Nichol’s secession about the same time; the latter having prevented entirely, (I understand,) any farther contributions being received from the whole district of country in which he formerly practised.

The Society of Friends are certainly happy in taking time by the forelock, in thus endeavouring to assist the poor Jews with “bread and water,” and other articles for poor tradesmen, such as iron and leather, &c., &c., at the same price as the society pays for them at Beyrout, (which is about 130 miles from Jaffa,) thus saving the amount of freight and passage to Jaffa.

The wise king says, “Give a portion to seven and also to eight, for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.” (Eccle. 11:2.)  Now it is well known, that by their sign, or by the way they are signed, Israelites are known, because by the sign of Sabbath, which is on the seventh day, and circumcision which is performed on the eighth day;—they are therefore known by the noun sign, as God declares they should be, see (Genesis 17:11, and Exod. 13:9-16, and 31:17.) We may well remember what became of Edom, Moab and. Ammon, for refusing to supply Israel, with “bread and water,” (see Deut. 23:3, 4, and 2:29, Num. 20:18, 20, and Obed. 1:15,) when journeying on their way to the Holy Land, and so it will be in their last restoration, to the land of their forefathers. We may therefore wish the Society of Friends, prosperity and success, in this their laudable undertaking, and wise selection and appropriation of their money in “blessing” and doing good to Israel; for be it ever remembered, that if any sect of people ever attempt to take only one step farther, with the view and intention to endeavour to cause Israel to deny the perpetuity of their ordinances and thus swerve from their fealty to the God of their Fathers, and their most Holy Law, and the <<601>>Covenant made with Abraham, and “his seed for ever throughout their generations,” in order to embrace a corrupt Gospel of the nineteenth century with its many contending sects, it will only prove them, as it does, and has truly done to the present English Mission at Jerusalem, “a burdensome stone* for all people, all that burden themselves with it.” (See Zach. 12:3.)

The Watchman.
M. C. B. I.

* The chaplain to former Bishop, the Rev. Mr. Williams, and one of the converted Jews have been engaged in writing against the Mission and exposing their conduct, and well they may.