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Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association of New York.


It gives us much pleasure to comply with the wishes of the above association to publish their proceedings, and we hope that they may continue many years to scatter the fruits of their beneficence among the poor, who we are told “are never to cease out of the land.”

New York, Oct. 18th, 1848.

Dear Sir:—

Your kind offer, made to us some time ago, to publish anything in <<416>>your valuable journal that might be of interest to this association, we now take the liberty of availing ourselves of it, and send you the result of an election for officers, held at the Howard House on Sunday, Oct. 8th, 1848, according to the by-laws of our association.

L. M. Morrison, President; George Godfrey, Vice-President; Henry J. Josephi, Treasurer; L. S. Barnett, Hon’y Secretary; David J. Levy, A. S. Solomons, B. Seligman, D. N. Morange, B. Benrimo, A. M. Davies, and Edward Heilbuth, Driectors for the ensuing year.—We also send you our Treasurer's report for the year past.



To cash at sundry times from Secretary for dues, donations, &c. $220.40
To amount received from Ball Committee, 552.87
To amount received from persons that have received loans, 43.50
Outstanding accounts due the Association, 97.87
By loans to sundry persons $252.50
Donations 110.16
Year's expenses for room, printing by-laws, bonds, &c., 72.47
Amount in sinking fund, drawing interest, 197.13
In benevolent fund, 48.57
In loan fund, 135.82

And in behalf of the Bachelor’s Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association, allow me to tender you our best wishes for your continued enjoyment of all earthly blessings, with the compliments of the season, and subscribe myself, dear sir,

Your obedient servant,
Lewis S. Barnett,
Hon’y Sec’y of the B. H. B. L. Association of New York.

P. S. We have now 97 members, and are daily increasing.