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Adom Olam, Hymn, air by Bertoni, arranged by E. Roget (3)
American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews 1 (1)
American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews 2 (2)
Anniversary, 22nd, of the N.Y. Hebrew Benevolent Society (10)
Apathy of Israel, by S. S. (6)
Assistant Hazan at Kingston, Jamaica (5)
Blumenthal's Address at Chambersburg, Pa. (3)
Colonization of Jews in the U. S. of America, by Julius Stern (1)
Colonization, Editor's Remarks (1)
Congregation of New Orleans (7)
Consecration of the New Synagogue Rodef Sholem at Philadelphia (2)
Crémieux's Letter to Judge Noah (8)
Crémieux's Proceedings of a Public Meeting at Philadelphia (10)
Dea's Letters on the New Testament (3)
    Editorial Remark (3)
  Introduction by A. C (3)
  Letter 1 (3)
  Letter 2 (3)
  Letter 3 (4)
  Letter 4 (6)
  Letter 5 (9)
  Letter 6 (12)
  Note Concerning the Author (6)
A Dream, by S. S. (4)
  Introductory Remarks (1)
  Jewish Children under Gentile Teachers (9)
  The Jewish Creed 1 (4)
  The Jewish Creed 2 (5)
  The Demands of the Times 1 (10)
  The Demands of the Times 2 (11)
  The Demands of the Times 3 (12)
  Our Motto (3)
  The Past and Future (7)
  Public Religious Education (8)
  The Union of Israel (6)
Editorial Correspondence
  from Rev. B. C. Carillon 1 (7)
  from Rev. B. C. Carillon 2 (11)
  from Mr. Henry Goldsmith (8)
  from Rev. Mr. Ramsey (8)
  from Rev. Rabbi Rice (11)
  to Rev. Mr. Poznanski (5)
  Congregation of St. Thomas (7)
  Congregation House of Israel, Philadelphia (7)
  Congregation Mikve Israel, Philadelphia (7)
  Congregation Mikve Israel, Savannah (8)
  United Hebrew Beneficent Society, Philadelphia (8)
  United Hebrew Beneficent Fuel and Savings Society (8)
  Congregation Benai Jeshurun, Cincinnati (8)
  German and Polish Congregation, Montreal (8)
  Female Hebrew Sewing Society, Philadelphia (9)
  Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, Philadelphia (9)
  Congregation Shearith Israel, New York (9)
  Congregation Benai Jeshurun, New York (9)
  Congregation Shangarai Chessed, New Orleans (9)
  Hebrew Society for Mutual Assistance and Visitation of the Sick, Philadelphia (11)
  Congregation Benai Israel, Cincinnati (11)
  Hebrew Benevolent Society, Cincinnati (11)
Hebrew College (6)
  Editorial Remarks
  Plan of Judge Noah
Hebrew Researches, by Jacob I. M. Falkenau (4)
Historical, &c.
  Israelites in the Papal States, translated from the French by Miss M. P. (3)
  Ancona Decree (7)
  Jewish Congregations in Charleston, S. C., by N. L. (7)
  Jewish Congregations at Charleston, S. C., by another correspondent (12)
  Jews in China (4)
  Jews in the East, translated from the French by Miss S. G. M. (1).
  Jews in Ohio, by J[oseph]. J[onas]. (11)
  Jews in Prussian Rhenish Provinces (7)
  Jews in Russia, by Max Lilienthal (3)
  Jews in Savannah, by a Southern Jew (5)
  Jews in Savannah, by Mordecai Sheftall (8)
  Supplementary Statement to Jews of Savannah (10)
Ideas of the Ancient Jews on the Immortality of the Human Soul, by Isidore Kampf (5)
Inquiry Concerning a Passage by Josephus (10)
Jewish Calendar, for 5604, by Jacob Ezekiel (6)
Juvenile Department
  Gratitude Towards God (1)
  The Spring of Recovery (2)
Law of the Immutable, by S. S. (9)
Lectures of Dr. Meigs, Dr. Ludlow, and Mr. Wines (1)
Lectures of Mr. Wines (2)
Life of a Pious Israelite, translated from the French by Miss M. P. (1)
List of Subscribers (4) (10)
Literary Notices
  Case of the Congregation at Charleston (4)
  Cheap Jewish Library (3)
  Rev. Mr. Isaacs' Sermon on the 1st Day of Pentecost (4)
  The Israelite (5)
  Les Matinées du Samedi, Review (1)
    The Jew Street, by a Correspondent (1)
    The Three Moses (1)
  History of the Jewish Physicians (10)
  Prophecy Interpreted (3)
  Remarks on the Address of N. L. on Female Influence (4)
  Remarks on Kampf's Immortality of the Soul (4)
  Sabbath Tract Society's Publications (7)
  The Sacred Scriptures, a new translation (3)
  Three Letters to the Archbishop of Canterbury, by John Oxlee (3)
  Voice of Jacob (5)
The Missing Tribes of Israel, by Mosheh (9)
News Items
  Alexandrow, a Cossack Village (1)
  Balls, Charity, at Philadelphia and New York (12)
  Mr. S. Cahen's Translation of the Bible (1)
  Cassel (5)
  Col. Churchill's Mission to Palestine (1)
  Confirmation at St. Thomas (10)
  Congregation at Charleston (10)
  Consecration of a New Synagogue at New York (1)
  Conversion Societies (10)
  Damascus Jews (3)
  Death of Rabbi Solomon Hirschel (1)
  Death Notices (11)
  Decree, Reported, concerning the Jews in Mexico, by Santa Anna (3)
  Education of the Poor in London (11)
  Election of Rabbis in France (1)
  Election of Rev. Mr. Noot at Philadelphia (1)
  Gallacia, State of Jews in (3)
  Geneva (1)
  Hospital at Jerusalem (1)
  Installation of the Rev. Mr. Issachar at Kingston (11)
  Jews in Hamburg (1)
  Jews in New Zealand (2)
  Jews in Sydney, South Wales (2)
  Khan for Jewish Travellers in Syria (5)
  Literary Hebrew Association, at Kingston, Jamaica (12)
  Military Services of Israelites in Poland (1)
  Montefiore Testimonial (3)
  Moravian Jews (3)
  New Jewish Periodical in Kingston, Jamaica (11)
  Proceedings of Jews in England concerning a future Chief Rabbi (3)
  Quo Warranto case at Charleston (4) (10)
  Rome, oppression of Jews in (3)
  Russian Jews (2)
  Santa Anna, President of Mexico (3)
  Sunday School at Columbia, S. C. (10)
  Vote of the Norwegian Storthing concerning Jews (1)
  What Means Russia? (10)
New Societies in Philadelphia (10)
New York Hebrew Assistance Society (10)
  Examination of the Sunday School at Philadelphia (1)
  Examination of the Sunday School at St. Thomas (7)
  Hebrew National School at Birmingham (7)
  Miss Palache's School, New York (2)
  Miss Palache's School, Examination of, by Observer (4)
  Talmud Torah School of New York (2)
  Talmud Torah School, Examination of, communicated by J. K. G. (11)
  Talmud Torah School, Examination of, communicated officially (11)
  To Our Literary Friends and the Public (1)
Obituary of Mr. E. Hart (8)
Officers of the Societies connected with Elm Street Synagogue, New York (10)
Pennsylvania Society for Evangelizing the Jews (7)
  Lines by Carolan (10)
  Lines by Adelaide (11)
  The Hebrew Exile (3)
  The Rainbow (3)
  Angels, by Grace Aguilar (12)
  The Chamber of the Dying, by Grace Aguilar (2)
  An Hour of Peace, by Grace Aguilar (6)
  Sabbath Thoughts, by Grace Aguilar (5)
  Sabbath Thoughts II, by Grace Aguilar (10)
  The Song of the Spanish Jews, by Grace Aguilar (6)
  A Vision of Jerusalem, by Grace Aguilar (11)
Prayer at the Fifth Annual Examination of the Philadelphia Sunday School (2)
Preface to Volume I (12)
Religious Education, by the Rev. Mr. Isaacs (10)
Religious Prejudices, by A. C. (4)
Remarks on the State of the Jews, by a Christian Lady (8)
  Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (9)
  Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia, Treasurer's Report (10)
  Female Hebrew Sewing Society of Philadelphia (9)
Russian Ukase, Respecting the Removal of the Jews From the Polish Frontiers (12)
Sermons, &c.
  Address by N. L. of Charleston (4)
  Honour the Aged, by Dr. Jacob De La Motta (5)
  Love Thy Neighbor, by Dr. Jacob De La Motta (10)
  Immutability and Justice of God, by the Rev. M. N. Nathan (9)
  The Messiah, by the Rev. Abraham Rice of Baltimore (6)
  Sermon of the Rev. D. W. Marks of London (8)
  The Consolation of Israel (7)
  The Dangers of Israel (3) 
  Divine Justice (12)
  The Law of Israel (2)
  On Miracles (1)
  Motives of Thankfulness (11)
Synagogue in Worms, translated from the French by Miss S. G. M. (2)
  The Konitz Family, translated from the French by Miss E. P. (2)
  Neela, by Miss Celia Moss (10)
  Zillah, from the Cheap Jewish Library (4)
Tribute of Respect to Rev. D. M. Isaacs (12)
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