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Volume II Article Index
April 1844 - March 1845

Annual Meeting of the Ladies' Benevolent Society of the Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, of New York (9)
An Apology for the Study of Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature (8)
Barbadoes--Progress of Education (2)
Beth Limmud Society of Kingston (3)
The Ceremonies--the Passover (1)
Charitable Society in New Orleans (3)
The Chief Rabbi of England (7)
Civil Disabilities of the Jews, by T. B. Macaulay (3)
Conflagration of the Synagogue at Cleveland, Ohio (12)
Congregation of Beth Shalome, at Richmond, Va. (4)
The Congregation of British Jews, London (11)
    Editor's Remarks
  Mr. Elkin's Letters
Congregation at Mobile, and Letter from Mr. D. Salomon (1)
Conversion Societies (11)
  Letter 7 (4)
  Letter 8 (6)
  Letter 9 (7)
  Letter 10 (8)
  Letter 11 (10)
  Letter 12 (12)
The Duty of Israel (10)
  Editor's Remarks
  Letter of an American Jewess
  Cheap Religious Publications (11)
  The Dangers of our Position (8)
  The Dangers of our Position (No. 2) (10)
  The Demands of the Times (6)
  The Demands of the Times II (7)
  The Demands of the Times III (9)
  The Jewish Creed (No. 3) (5)
  Lay Preachers (2)
  The Mission of Israel (3)
  Our Course (1)
  Spiritual Authority (12)
Editorial Correspondence from:
  The Author of the Records of Israel (7)
  Barbadoes (2)
  Mr. Jacob J. M. Falkenau (11)
  Mr. Henry Goldsmith (2)
  the Rev. Mr. Marks (1)
  the Rev. Mr. Marks (2)
  the Rev. Mr. Rice (5)
  Chesed Vaemeth of Philadelphia (8)
  Portuguese Congregation of Kingston, Jamaica (1)
  Ohabe Lemudah of Philadelphia (2)
  Congregation of Easton, PA (11)
  Female Sewing Society of Philadelphia (9)
  Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (9)
  Ladies' Benevolent Society of B'nai Jeshurun, New York (9)
  Hebrew Fuel Society of Philadlephia (2)
  Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society (10)
  Hebrew Society for the Visitation of the Sick and Mutual Assistance (11)
  Montego Bay, Jamaica (8)
  Nidche Israel of Baltimore (8)
  Shangari Chassed of New Orleans (8)
  St. Louis (6)
  St. Louis (10)
  St. Thomas (6)
  Society for Education of Poor Children, N. Y. (10)
  Bnai Jeshurun, New York (6)
  Talmud Torah School of New York (8)
  United Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (10)
Eloquence of the Jews (8)
English and German Congregation of Kingston, Jamaica (3)
Hebrew Assistance Society of New York (3)
Hebrew Institute, by the Rev. H. Felsenheld (5)
Hebrew Sunday School of Columbia, S. C. (2)
  The Congregation at Charleston, by Observer (1)
  The Jews at Barbadoes (6)
  The Jews in China (1)
  The Jews in Ohio (1)
  The Jews in St. Louis (10)
  The Jews in Venezuela (6)
Hungarian Synod (12)
Ill Treatment of Jews in Prague (9)

Improvement in Religious Worship at New York (5)

Industry of the Jews at Odessa (8)
Innovation, its Tendency and Prevention, by H. G. (5)
Intermarrying with Gentiles (12)
  Mr. S. Abrahams' Letter
  Editor's Remarks
The Israelites of South Carolina (10)
  Editor's Remarks
  Proceedings of Israelites at Charleston
Jamaica--The Russian Ukase (2)
Jewish Almanac for 5605 (6)
Jewish Antiquity and Nationality, by J. K. G. (1)
Jewish Artificers at Berditshew (8)
The Jewish Miscellany (10)
Jews at Mogadore (11)
Jewish Schools, by Philo (8)
Jews in Venezuela (6)
  Letter of Judge Noah (7)
  Editor's Suggestion (7)
  Remonstrance of Mr. Falkenau (8)
  Letter of Rev. Mr. Rice (9)
  Letter of Mr. Simeon Abrahams (9)
  Letter of Mr. Falkenau (11)
  Editor's Remarks (11)
List of Subscribers (12)
  Discourse on the Restoration of the Jews, by M. M. Noah (12)
  Jewish Physicians (2)
  Jewish Physicians (11)
  New Hebrew Grammar (5)
  The Records of Israel, by Grace Aguilar (4) (5)
  Seventh-Day Baptists' Anniversaries (9)
  The Women of Israel, by Grace Aguilar (9)
London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews (5)
The Meeting of the German Rabbis, &c. (7)
The Modern and Ancient Order of Things, by D. S. (10)
The Morning Post and the Jews (1)
On the Necessity of Union, by S. S. (4)
New School in Charleston (3)
News Items
  Dr. Adler, Chief Rabbi (12)
  Mr. Altares (4)
  Charity Ball at Cincinnati (1)
  Rev. S. E. Cohen Noot (2)
  The Congregation of Spanish Town, Jamaica (10)
  Consecration of the Sydney Synagogue (7)
  Constantinople (7)
  Conversions from Christianity (4)
  Deserved Compliment (11)
  The Election of Rabbi at London (10)
  First Examination of Sunday School, at Columbia, S. C. (1)
  The First Fruits of the West (3)
  Mr. Green (7)
  Mr. E. Halphen, of Paris (1)
  Hamburgh (12)
  Hospital at Jerusalem (4) (7)
  The Israelites of Baltimore (10)
  Jewish Sheriffs (11)
  Jews in France (4)
  Jews in Hungary (2)
  Kingston, Ja. (3)
  London (3)
  Melbourne (7)
  The Mendelssohnian Society of New York (10)
  Mitigation of the Russo-Polish Conscription (12)
  Mobile (3)
  The Mogador Calamity (12)
  Dr. Ludwig Philippson and the Annual Meeting of German Rabbis and Ministers (4)
  New Orleans (3)
  New York (3)
  Order Restored at Mogador (12)
  Quo Warranto Case at Charleston (3)
  Quo Warranto Appeal (10) (12)
  The Royal Assent Withheld from the Bill Emancipating the Jews in Rhenish Provinces (4)
  Russian Jews (4) (11)
  Russian Ukase (3)
  Schools at Kingston (7)
  St. Thomas (1)
  Second Annual Dinner of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of St. Louis (12)
  The Second Annual Examination of the Talmud Torah School of New York (12)
  The Sixth Annual Examination of the Hebrew Sunday School at Philadelphia (1)
  Synagogue of Hobard Town, Van Diemen's Land (7)
  Synagogues at Hobard Town and New Zealand (1)
  Third Annual Charity Ball of the Israelites of Philadelphia (12)
  Trades Among Jews (4)
  Louis A. Green (10)
  Mrs. Fanny Hart, by A. W. H. (3)
  Mrs. Rebecca Hendricks, by U. H. J. (1)
  Samuel B. Hoheb (1)
  Rev. Issachar Issachar (2)
  Eleazar S. Lazarus (3)
  William Glosenger Noah (9)
  Abraham C. Peixotto, Jr., by L. B. H. (3)
Objects and Means of Education, by J. K. G. (4)
Outrage Committed on the Jews at Weesp (9)
Papal Law regarding the Jews (9)
Persecution of the Jews at Tarnow (7)
  Communings with Nature, by Grace Aguilar
      No. 1--Night (1)
    No. 2--Ocean (2)
    No. 3--Hymn to Summer (5)
    No. 4--Autumn Leaves (8)
  The Body Speaking by the Soul, &c., by Rosa (4)

Funeral Hymn, by Grace Aguilar (4)

  The Hebrew's Appeal, by Grace Aguilar (6)
  "I never Loved a Flower," by Grace Aguilar (9)
  Lines by Thomas Frean, Esq. (2)
  Sabbath Thoughts, by Grace Aguilar (3)
  The Sacrifice of Isaac, by M. Z. (5)
Prayers for Schools (12)
Preface to Volume II (12)
Prophecy and its Interpretation
  First Letter of Rev. Mr. Halsey (1)
  Editor's Remarks
  Second Letter of Rev. Mr. Halsey (3)
  Editor's Remarks
Mr. Heineman Reisener (9)
  The New York Hebrew Benevolent Society, 23rd Anniversary (8)
  Sixth Annual Report of the Hebrew Female Sewing Society of Philadelphia (9)
  The 25th Anniversary Meeting of the Ladies' Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (9)
  Specimens of German Preachers
    No. 1.--Moses and Jethro, by Dr. G. Salomon (1)
    No. 2.--On Education, by Dr. L. Philippson (4)
    No. 3.--Joys and Sufferings of the Time of Messiah, by Dr. Samuel Hirsch (8)
  Erroneous Doctrines, by Rev. A. Rice (10)
  The Essence of our Religion, by J. K. G. (12)
  Faith and Practice, by Rev. D. W. Marks (9)
  The Coming Year (7)
  The Destiny of Israel (11)
  The Divine Kingdom (3)
  Our Religious Teachers (5)
  The Revelation on Horeb (6)
  Time and Eternity (2)
Rev. Mr. Poznanski
  Letter of Mr. I. S. Cohen (4)
  Letter of Mr. S. Valentine (6)
Public Examination of Miss Palache's Academy (4)
The Reform Agitation, by Rev. S. M. Isaacs (6)
The Reform Society at Frankfort (6)
Remarks on Education, by S. S. (2)
Sunday School in Barbadoes (7)
The Universality of the Belief in the Immortality of the Soul, by S. S. (7)
On the Violation of the Sabbath, by Rev. S. M. Isaacs (11)
A Voice from the North, by Rev. S. M. Isaacs (3)
Washington (4)
What is the Office of a Jewish Rabbi (9)
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