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The American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews (4)
Annual Report of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (10)
The Blessed, a Tale by Mrs. Marian Hartog (7)
Boaz's Letters No. 1., by Warder Cresson (4)
A Call for Another Circular, by Jacob J. M. Falkenau (5)
The Congregation Beth-El, of Albany (8)
Congregation B'ne Jeshurun, of N. Y. (5)
Consecration at Louisville (2)
The Convention, its Design and Utility, by Robert Lyon (6)
Critical Examination of the First Chapter of Matthew, by Rev. Isidore Kalisch (7)
    Addenda, by Dr. [Isaac M.] Wise (7)
The Death of Samson, by Miss Sarah Cohen (6)
Dias' Letters, Letter 24 (8)
Dinner of the New York and German Benevolent Societies of N. Y. (10)
The Divine Attributes or Perfections, by Warder Cresson (3)
  The Mission of Israel (1)
The Poor of Palestine (7)
    Circular of the Messengers (7)
The Presbyterian Synod of New York, and the Jews (10)
  The Synod's Appeal (10)
Dr. Schlesinger's Reply (10)
Shall we Meet? (2)
The Union (9)
Examination of the Hebrew Sunday-School, at Columbia, S. C. (3)
Extracts from the Address of Henry S. Cohen, at the same (4)
Future Rewards and Punishments, by Dr. [Isaac M.] Wise (2)
Hebrew Authors and their Opponents, by Rev. Abraham De Sola (1)
Hebrew Education Society of Philadelphia
  Charter of the Same (2)
Annual Meeting and Report (3)
Hebrew Poetry (11)
  Part II (12)
Jerusalem (4)
Jewish Calendar for 5610 (6)
Jewish Disabilities (6)
Jewish Education, by Albert N. Cardozo (1)
The Jewish Ministry in America (11)
Jewish Population in Austria (5)
Jewish Population in England, by J. A. Franklin (2)
The Jews in Spain under the Visigoths (8)
  Part II (10)
Ladies' Sewing Association of New York (9)
Letter to the Rev. Alex. M'Caul, D. D., by J. R. Peynado (1)
  Cont. (2)
Literary Notices
  Narrative of the United States Expedition to the River Jordan, and the Dead Sea (5)
  Cont. (6)
Nineveh and its Remains (3)
The Way of Faith (5)
The Messiah's Descent, by Rev. M. R. Miller (3)
  Part II (4)
  Note by the Editor
Part III (8)
Montreal Hebrew Philanthropic Society (6)
Montreal Sunday School, by Dr. A. H. David (1)
News Items
  The American Jewish Publication Society (9)
The Asmonean (7)
Baltimore (3) (9)
The B'nai Jeshurun Congregation of Cincinnati (9)
Berlin (8)
Beth Elohim Congregation of Charleston (9)
Bohemian Israelites in Wisconsin (6)
Boston (8)
Changes in Ministers (8)
Charleston (1) (3)
Cincinnati (1) (4) (8) (11)
Cleveland (6)
The Congregation House of Israel of Philadelphia (11)
Consecration of the Synagogue House of Israel, Phil. (2)
Constantinople (1)
Conversion to Judaism (5)
Correction (3) (6)
Curaçoa (10)
Danville, Pa. (7)
A Descriptive Geography of Palestine (7)
England (2) (3) (5)
Europe (3) (8) (10)
Evidence of the Increase of the Jewish Population in the West, by Rev. J. K. Gutheim (1)
Hamburg.—Sudden Death of Rabbi Isaac Bernays (4)
Hebra Bickur Cholim of Philadelphia (10)
Hebra Terumath Hackodesh (9)
Hungary (5)
  Jewish Soldiers (5)
Important MS. (8)
Jamaica (8)
Jews' Alms-House (5)
Ladies Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (9)
Lafayette City, Louisiana (9)
Leghorn (5)
Louisville (1)
Mobile (1)
Montreal (1) (6) (9) (12)
Sir Moses Montefiore's Journey to Palestine (5)
Rev. M. N. Nathan (9)
Netherland Congregation of N. Y. (9)
New Congregations (4)
New Orleans (3) (4) (10)
New Orleans Congregation Shaaray Chesed (9)
New York (1) (7) (8) (10) (12)
The New York Henry Street Congregation (9)
Mr. Nathan Oettinger (9)
Palestine (8)
Paris (8)
Philadelphia (1) (7) (12)
Philadelphia Congregation Rodef Sholem (3)
Pittsburg (6)
A Prayer by Kossuth (5)
Presentation of a Silver Salver to the Rev. S. M. Isaacs (1)
The Proposed Convention (2) (3)
Dr. M. J. Raphall (8) (9) (11) (12)
Dr. M. J. Raphall Lectures on Hebrew Poetry (11)
Return of Eight Jewish Members to the Jamaica House of Assembly (8)
Reconversion to Judaism of a Distinguished Poet (8)
Relief for Palestine (6)
Richmond, Va. (7) (9)
Sabbath Convention (12)
St. Louis (9)
San Francisco (9)
Shearith Israel Congregation of Charleston (9)
The Society of Mercy and Truth of Philadelphia (9)
The Synagogue Beth Israel of Philadelphia (1)
Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (10)
Token of Respect to the Rev. J. K. Gutheim (9) (11)
Virginia (12)
Wilkes-Barre, Consecration (7)
Young Men's Hebrew Benevolent Association of N. Y. (11)
Notes on the Jews of Persia under Mohammed Shah, by Rev. A. De Sola (10)
  Part II (11)
Part III (12)
  Reuben and Gratz Etting (4)
Abraham Gumpert (4)
Henry Hackenburg (4)
Mrs. Sarah Harriet Hart (9)
A. A. Lindo (7)
Paley's Evidences of Christianity, by J. R. Peynado (8)
  Part II (9)
Part III (11)
Part IV (12)
The Passover Bread (10)
Past Life, by S. Solis (11)
  Divine Love, by Miss Rosa Emma Salaman (4)
Elijah, by R. E. S. (9)
Female Scriptural Characters, by Mrs. R. Hyneman
  No. VII, Jochebed (8)
  No. VIII, Deborah (9)
  No. IX, Huldah (11)
  No. X, Hannah (12)
Hannah and her Children, by Rev. Jacob Rosenfeld (3)
Israel's Union, by Rev. Jacob Rosenfeld (7)
A Prayer for Resignation, Mrs. Celia Levitas (5)
Stanzas, by Mrs. Marion Hartog (4)
Twilight, by R. E. S. (5)
Welcome Home, by M. H. (5)
Proclamation of a Fast Day (5)
The Proposed Assembly
  Editorial (3)
Letter of Mr. S. Abrahams (3)
Letter of Mr. Joseph Beckel (3)
Letter of Rev. S. M. Isaacs (3)
Letter of Dr. S. Waterman (5)
Letter of Rev. I. M. Wise (5)
Letters of Mr. A. A. Lindo
  April 1849
May 1849
June 1849
July 1849
August 1849
Letter of Mr. Martin Stern (1)
Remarks by the Editor (5)
Rabbi Nissim Ben Shelomoh, by Rev. A. De Sola (6)
Readings for the Young, by S. Solis
  No. III: The Progressive State of Man (1)
No. IV: A Mother's Influence (6)
No. V: The Basis of Christianity Not Founded on Reason (9)
Reasons for Becoming a Jew (6)
Report of the Directress of the Sewing Society of Philadelphia (9)
Sabbath Laws in Pennsylvania (3)
By W. B. Taylor, Esq.
Dr. Schlessinger (9)
On Seeing God, by Warder Cresson (1)
  God's Judgment on Earth, by Rev. A. De Sola (7)
The Light, by Rev. Dr. I. M. Wise (1)
The Light of the Lord, by Rev. H. Hochheimer (9)
The Messiah, by Dr. Wise, No. 1 (4)
The Messiah, by Dr. Wise, No. 2 (5)
  Comments by the Editor
The Object of Judaism, by Rev. Dr. W. Schlessinger (11)
The Passover, by Rev. A. De Sola (2)
To Walk With God, by Rev. Henry S. Jacobs (10)
The Plague [1849 Cholera Pandemic] (6)
Reflections on Atonement (8)
Thanksgiving Sermon, by Rev. D. A. De Sola (12)
Warning the People (3)
Sketches en Route, by Simeon Abrahams (6)
Sunday Laws in Virginia (9)
Third Annual Hebrew School Fund Ball, at Richmond, Va. (1)
Tribute of Respect (7)
The United States not a Christian State (11)
Dr. Wise on Judaism (10)
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